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The Never Ending Sale

Good Afternoon Friends! I’ve come bearing gifts! No, really! Please come help yourself to the rest of my garage sale junk! I still have way too much left. Apparently living in the country does have its down falls after all! No one comes to your garage sales!
Here is our garage sale vlog!

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After three days of the sale, we are still left with tons, but we did get rid of some things. Some of the larger items are gone which makes my life a little easier! Now I have to figure out what I am going to do with the rest of the junk. I think am going to list a few things on a local swap page and then I believe the rest is going to a charity. I’ll donate to anyone who will come gather it themselves, because I do not have a vehicle big enough to haul it all. In case you were wondering we are still truckless!

Next step is to paint and get the house ready for the market! It all sound so exciting and easy, but just thinking about it makes me want to go curl up in bed. Luckily our house is a ranch so painting should go pretty quick. We have a few things to get rid of in the house before we list it, but everything is slowly falling into place. Hopefully (everyone please cross your fingers and toes) we will have a truck within the next few weeks! Once we get our truck, everything should go pretty quickly from there… We hope!
Things I have learned this week:
1. We had too many things that served no purpose in our house.
2. Four year olds don’t like giving away toys.
3. My dog thinks everyone that comes to our house is ONLY there to rub her belly.
4. Garage sales are exhausting!
I sincerely hope my next blog post has a picture of a truck in it!!

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Junk for everyone!

For the love of JUNK! We have so much of it… It is never ending!


This post might be a little chaotic, because right now that is just what my life is; chaos. I am sitting here writing this post in my office which is filled to my knees with massive amounts of garage sale goodness. There is absolutely no good way to organize all of this stuff! I have kitchen wares, clothes, Christmas stuff, toys, shoes, anything, and everything in between.
My house has been picked through with a fine tooth comb and what is not staying is either in the trash already (thanks to my amazing sister and brother-in-law for their dumpster) or in the office. I have listed a price on nearly everything in the office, my kid included (no really, he’s got a $20 sticker on his back, I don’t even know). What I have not figured out yet is how I am going to get all of this STUFF out to the garage and on tables of some sort. Is it a faux pas to not have tables? I seriously only have one. Can I just put this stuff on the ground? I’m stressing over tables, who does that??


I still have an attic to conquer tonight and a whole barn. Does anyone want to trade me places for this week? My kid only bites a little and as long as you feed my husband he will leave you alone for the most part. Kidding! Please wish me luck on getting this organized and if you have advice on the whole table situation, send me a life line! I will update after the garage sale, hopefully we have more dollars and less junk!


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Great news and a much needed escape!

Hello Barefoot followers! We got some AMAZING news last week and I have been on pins and needles to share with you all!


Yes! You heard me, we are leaving early!! We are planning to leave early spring now instead of midsummer. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! This deadline now moves things up quite a bit though, so this week and the next I’m going to start purging. I will have to sell, toss, and give away most of our things. We have decided to keep storage with a few things to come home to and our prized possessions.
I really love to purge, it’s a sense of self cleaning. Who really needs a bunch of junk anyways? We have purged once already when we decided to take this trip the first time, but we still have a lot and have collected even more. It’s a long process, but hopefully within a month, we will have a BIG garage sale and then a huge donation pile. Let the craziness begin!
Aside from that wonderful news, we slipped in a family vacation to Branson, Missouri this past weekend. We took two of our cousins with us and had a wonderful time! If you are ever in the area we HIGHLY recommend trying the new Branson Coaster, it is a ton of fun! We also just love Talking Rocks Cavern, it’s a must see place also. Branson is full of fun for everyone and a place to put on your Travel list for sure!
Here is our short video of all the fun we had, Enjoy!


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Trucks, Trailers, and RV’s OH MY!

Hello friends! I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL day! I am getting my daily dose of caffeine and thought I would update our progress… or lack thereof. It is safe to say that in the last few weeks we have probably looked at well over 50 RV’s and a dozen trucks. We still have not found our forever rig, because we are being extremely picky! We are going to travel in the rig fulltime and it has to be exactly what we want. I thought I would share the thoughts that go into finding a fulltime rig (for us that is), because it’s a HUGE ordeal! I mean a MEGA HUGE ordeal if you get my drift.
This is more my husband’s gig, but I know enough about trucks to give you an idea. We need a BIG truck. When you are constantly towing something that can top the charts at 14,000 or more pounds on a daily basis, you need a monster to tow with. A 1500 Chevy gasser just ain’t gonna do it, and please do not try that at home or anywhere in public! We are looking at one ton dually trucks and leaning toward a Duramax, or a Cummin’s, maybe Powerchoke (I mean PowerSTROKE) as long as it’s NOT a 6.0 or 6.4. We are also working with a budget, so brand spanking new is not going to happen. We are on the hunt though and eventually we will find what we are looking for!
Travel trailers, Motor homes, and 5er’s
I had no idea choosing between these would be this tough. There are pro’s and con’s to each one and weighing them has been rough. Since I have already disclosed that we are looking for a truck I’m sure you now know that a motor home is out of the mix; however we REALLY like them! Here is a list of the pros and cons of all our options.
The benefits of a motor home:
They are easy to jump in and go. They can tow a small toad (vehicle) behind them. You don’t have to pull over to go to the bathroom, unless you are the driver, then you should clearly pull over! It is also roomy when traveling.
The cons:
IF you break down you need a HUGE tow truck to get you. Also if you are broke down, your whole home is in a shop which leaves you homeless. Unless you are buying an expensive rig then you give up a lot of room for the price. It is not as safe for kids in car seats to be in a motor home.
The benefits of travel trailers:
They have a tendency to weigh a bit less thus they are lighter to tow. They also sit lower to the ground, so steps aren’t very steep or tall. They usually have a good amount of space including bunkrooms.
The cons:
They can be a pain to tow, because of your overall length. I do not like most of the lay outs, because the “Master” always seems to be cramped. Over all they are not my first choice for a fulltime rig.
Fifth wheels (5er’s) benefits:
They are HUGE!! I think their living rooms are larger than my stick and bricks living room! They have ample space, and tons of storage. They also seem easier to haul around; less overall length due to some of the trailer is over the bed of your truck.
They are huge which means you have to have a big truck to pull it. I do not have very many cons on the 5er’s, because I am a little bias toward them if you have not already noticed.
These are just a few of MY pros and cons to buying one of these rigs. There is a more extensive list in my head, but it would take all day to compose. When all is said and done I believe we will buy a 5er. They are a better buy for the budget we want to stick to and have the most amount of room.
Phew. Just talking about this is exhausting! I’m going to refill my cup of liquid energy and finish chores. We are gearing up for a MASSIVE garage sale! Stay tuned!


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Why are we going to hit the road?

This is the number one question that we get and the answer is simple; why not?

For me (Tasha) I’ve moved around a lot growing up so staying stationary is a very odd feeling. I’ve never lived anywhere longer than 4 years since I was 11 (That is a lot of moving!). Every time we moved it was a new adventure, a fresh start. I have the soul of a gypsy as my father would say and I think I get that from him.
Stephen is a little different, he’s always had roots. He grew up in one house from the age of five till his early 20’s when he moved out. He’s ready for a change of scenery and is pretty excited to get our truck and trailer.
We have a chance to get out of dodge and hit the road for a year; it’s a blessing to us. We are so excited to get out of Kansas City to see what the world has to offer, but others have mixed feelings.

Our family:

Our family’s reactions have ranged from irritation to elation. A few of our family members think we are throwing our lives away to be crazy for a year. I do see their point; we have worked hard to own the things we do, but at the end of the day they are just “things.” We have earned those things before and we can again. Even more, some members think we just plum lost our minds (maybe we have and time will tell). Other’s are extremely excited for us and are eager to follow our adventure through our pictures and stories. No matter what they are all thinking, they love us and wish us nothing but the best.

Our Friends:

We haven’t exactly told our friends yet. We will tell them eventually, but when the time is right. Don’t worry I will keep the blog updated with everyone’s reactions!

Happy almost full-timing trails!


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Lets Get Started!

Welcome to our page!

As this is my first post I will use it to introduce my family and myself. We are currently in a home (also known as our sticks and bricks) in Kingsville, MO. There are three two-footers and one four-footer in our household! Tasha (Me), Stephen, Trenton, and Harper. I am 29 (I’ll be Thirty on Saturday, but who’s counting right? Heh.), Stephen is 30, Trenton is 4, and Harper is unknown (but still young). Have you figured out who the four-footer is yet? Harper is our fur-baby! Stephen is originally from Warsaw, MO and I am from Lenexa, KS. Together Stephen and I have been married since 2011.

We have been planning to travel since 2015. We are finally on our journey to make that happen. Our excitement levels are through the roof! Originally we planned to launch in summer of 2016, however, we had a family member fall ill. Ultimately summer of 2016 did not happen. That’s okay though! We are dedicated to make it happen in the summer of 2018! We have a year to get our things organized, find a towing vehicle, a trailer, and our sanity before we launch. Are you ready to follow us and our CRAZY and UNPREDICTABLE journey? I really hope so!

Our Family

The barefooters
Tasha, Stephen, and Trenton
Trenton and Mommy
Trenton & Mommy
Trent and Daddy
Trenton and Daddy
Harper Anne
Our loveable huggable pup!
trent harper
Trenton and Harper Anne