RV life

I’m goin’ off the rails…

On a crazy train..er… Camper!

Man oh man… we have been so beyond busy! Packing, moving, Halloween, more packing, selling, it never ends!! I thought we had purged quite a bit (and we did), but clearly we still have too much stuff! Most of the house is boxed and ready to be moved or has been moved to storage. We are lucky enough to have a family member with a large area to store some of our things, and for the rest we are going to sign papers on a storage unit this weekend. Everywhere I look is a mess or boxes and Trent (remember he’s 4) has been VERY helpful trying to pack and move things. Haha. That was funny, right? Actually he HAS done pretty well. I think he’s just ready to be done with the house and move into the camper.

AND as if life hasn’t been crazy enough, our truck broke down last week. Thankfully we had tow insurance on it. We had it towed home and at first we thought it was bad fuel, but Stephen gambled on a $200 something dollar lift pump and changed it himself. It has been running great ever since. Thankfully it was only out of commission for a day because we had just sold my car two days prior. What a mess that was!

Okay, so here is the timeline:

This weekend we will HOPEFULLY move all the items that go in our family members house to their house, which is basically everything except furniture. We will keep one box back of cooking items that I use in the house and those will go over last minute.

We have this weekend and all of next week left in the house, it is down to crunch time. A week from today we will be moved into our camper! That gives me several days to get everything arranged how I want it, and get a feel for our new home before we move it. I also have to clean our old home and get it ready for the new owners!

Here’s the biggest question that we have receivedin the last several days: Are you leaving as soon as you close on the house?

The answer is NO! We will stay in town for a few tying up loose ends and getting situated. We will also make our rounds to family and friends and say our “see you laters” in that time. The only thing that could move that timeline up is if KC is expecting a dumping of snow… Then we are out of here!

This is one of the most emotional moves I have done to date. It is exciting and terrifying! My emotions have been all over the place lately, but thankfully Stephen and Trenton have kept a level head which evens out my manic head. I’m just ready to be done with the whole house situation; it has been exhausting to say the least.

 I will have a new video out in the next two weeks after we get all moved in. We will give you a tour of our camper with all our stuff inside! Exciting right?!

Here is a video of the past week or so!



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