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Rockwood Signature Series Ultra Light 8295ws

Rockwood Signature Series Ultra Light 8295ws

That is a mouth full! BUT that is the name of our NEW fifth wheel!

We did it! After looking at HUNDREDS of campers and 5th wheels, we finally found the one, but it took a long time to find it. The weekend of September 30th we did nothing but shop for campers. Over that weekend we narrowed it down to one camper. Ultimately on Tuesday so went to Trail Side RV to go buy a White Hawk Travel Trailer (I know, not a fifth wheel). We went in, gave them our price we wanted to pay for it, and they said they couldn’t go that low ($2,000 less than they were asking). They played the game and we walked. We then went across the street to Camping world and found something we thought we liked even better, it was a Vibe. We decided to sleep on it and returned the next day prepared to buy, but Stephen wanted to check with Life Style RV (it was across the street from camping world) really quick before we pulled the trigger. Wouldn’t you know, they had a camper we liked too! At this point I’m pulling my hair out and just tired of the search, so we go home defeated AGAIN!

That night Stephen was determined to find a camper that would work in the price we needed so he spent the night looking at the computer screen. It is a good thing he did too, because he found our camper! He took off work the very next day and we drove 2 hours to go buy it. We then picked it up two days later to bring it home.

WE HAVE A CAMPMER IN OUR DRIVEWAY!!! I’m still pinching myself!

We didn’t get home with out a few hang ups though. On the way home our steps to get in the camper came unfolded.

Stephen tying the steps up.

We also had to trim the trees to get it in the driveway.

Trimming the trees

Over all we are extremely happy with our purchase and beyond ready to get it on the road!! It is still hard to believe after all that work, we actually have a camper. We have hung out in it almost every evening since we brought it home.  


Here is the link to our walk through the camper video!

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