RV life

Big Update!!

Good morning friends! I haven’t updated as soon as I wanted too, but I held off for a very good reason!

Our house is under contract!

Not only is it under contract, but we got full asking price which is a HUGE blessing! As you know we were for sale by owner, but we decided we would work with a buyer’s agent. This particular buyer was shown the house on Tuesday the 19th we thought for sure he was not interested. He was a very nice guy and hung out to talk to Stephen about mechanics for a while, but he did not say much about the house. That Friday we decided to go ahead and list with our agent to get a move on the process. We pulled into our agent’s parking lot at 11:00 A.M. and before we got out of the car my phone beeped. It was the buyer’s agent from Tuesday with an offer. To say we were surprised was an understatement.
I think we have gotten over the initial shock part and are moving on to the stressed part. We still have not found our camper and we have six weeks until we have to be out of the house. EEK! I’m starting to agree with everyone that thinks we are crazy. I’m pretty sure we have passed crazy at this point in life! We are still pretty excited though and have high hopes for finding a camper; we just need to keep searching. Stephen has been working tons of overtime, so we have been limited on the distance we can travel to look at campers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he does not have to work overtime this weekend! Ideally I’d like to have something in the next two weeks so we have plenty of time to clean and get it ready and possibly take a trial run with it.
Everything has fallen in place so easily for this adventure that it is a little surreal. The last time we set out to do this, things did not happen so easily. Life pushed back at us and ultimately we threw in the towel on our travel plans. This time I am stuck between excitement and expecting this to blow up in my face again. Let’s just hope that everything continues to go as smoothly as possible!
I’ve told you all that we have told our immediate family about our plans and our closest friends, but no one else knows at this point. I’m a little nervous to announce our journey on social media, because everyone has an opinion. We purposely haven’t told anyone and wont until the house is sold (papers signed). So much could change at any minute that we just want to keep it to ourselves until we know for sure it is really going to happen. Who wants to make a big announcement like this and then have to retract it, because something did not work out? Not me! I hope no one is hurt by us not telling them personally, but it has been a whirl wind. We only just decided to try this again in the end of July and thought it would be next spring before we had our ducks in a row. Little did we know that our ducks were pretty well lined up already. Instead of leaving next spring (if the house goes through okay) we leave mid November! That’s a lot to chew!
Stay tuned for an update! Hopefully we have a camper soon!

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