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Dropping the house on the wicked witch

Good Morning! It’s been a slow morning for me so I thought I would update everyone on our progress. So far our house has been for sale by owner for 12 days. We have had several inquiries and a few showings. We have sold two houses before and we kind of know the process. In order to be ahead of the game we asked that people who want a showing of the house provide us with a pre-approval or proof of funds prior to viewing. Everything has gone pretty smoothly, but there has been one particular crazy that I thought I would share, because everyone needs a good dose of crazy on their Wednesday right?
Last Tuesday I had to take Harper to the vet for her yearly check up. All went well, until we got back to the car. I load the Harper and Trent into the car and grab my phone to check for calls or texts I may have missed while inside. Sure enough, I missed a call. I listen to the voicemail; find out it’s a realtor with a client that wants to view the house. I prompt the dog and kid to be quiet (who am I kidding) and I call the realtor back. She tells that she has a client who would like to view the house the next day. I agree and ask her to send me a pre-approval or proof of funds letter. She then explains to me that this particular lady has lots of family in our town and does not have a letter of approval. I kindly ask her to get a letter and then she can schedule a time. She AGAIN says the lady has lots of family who owns a ton of land in our town. I told her that was wonderful and to get back to me with the pre-approval or proof of funds and I would gladly show the house to her. She reluctantly agreed and we hung up. At this point I’m not sure why it took so long ( a twenty minute phone call) to get her to understand that I want a letter before viewing the house, but I brushed it off and went about my day.
Now here comes the crazy..
That night my phone rings. The lady (the client from the realtor that called earlier) tells me that she does not need a pre approval to view my house because she works for the court system and that her name is all over the county website (mind you, not the county that I live in). She also tells me that she emailed me through her work when in reality she emailed me via craigslist prior to calling. She is certain I should know who she is, but I have never heard of this woman in my life. She tells me that she and family owns a ton of land and that her family has lived in my town for a hundred years. I’m a little baffled at this point, but I AGAIN tell her that I need a letter to view the house. At this point she is yelling at me that she should be able to view my house because she has no time to get a letter. She explained that her time is important and should not be wasted.
–PAUSE- So my time is not important? I should show my house to someone that is not pre-approved and probably not serious about buying. Is that not wasting my time? WHO DOES THIS LADY THINK SHE IS?? She must be the Queen of England or something right? –PLAY-
After listening to her tell me her “credentials” one last time I then told her I was not budging on my rule of having a letter and that she could NOT bully me into showing her MY house without it. Of course that did not appease her so she said (in her best ‘I’m too good for this voice’ ) “Well then, good luck selling” and hung up the phone. At this rate my feathers are ruffled and I’m a little (A LOT) ticked off. What a piece of work!!
But wait, it’s not over!
Later that night I did what anyone else would have done (you know you would have), I googled the hell out of this lady. I needed to know why and how she thought she was so important. I came up short on her importance, but I did find a picture. She’s definitely NOT the Queen of England, more like the wicked witch. Needless to say I now know what she looks like.
–FAST FORWARD to the next day-
Stephen and I are out trimming trees on the property and a white SUV drives up my neighbor’s driveway (our driveways are right next to each other). I look over because I have never seen the car before and catch a glimpse of THE WICKED WITCH! Seriously? At this point I think this lady is mental! She promptly turns around in the middle of the driveway and leaves. A little later a new realtor calls; she says she has a client and is wanting to know if we were still asking for pre-approval letters. I told her yes and she hangs up. I reverse search the number and it comes up as the small real-estate broker in my town, the same broker that the crazy lady was using. Coincidence?
Why am I telling you all of this? Two reasons: 1. It is completely crazy and I had to tell someone, and 2. If we go missing, you all know who did it!
Hopefully we hear no more from this lady. I wouldn’t even sell her my house if she did have money, because I adore my neighbors. This whole thing does have me wondering why she was so desperate to see our house. A pre-approval takes minutes to do, and a proof of funds is just as easy. If she was that serious about buying our house, why not take the necessary steps? Most realtors ask for a pre-approval before showing anyways. It’s not like we are asking for a blood test prior to viewing our house, though after this, I’d consider it! Ha!
Other than that craziness life is going well, just slow. Someone buy our house already!

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