RV life

Hurry up and wait!

I have come with wonderful news and coffee (always coffee)! We officially have the house on the market! We have listed it for sale by owner and plan on seeing how that goes for a few weeks while we continue to do little tid bits around the house getting her all gussied up for her potential new owners. Since our last post we have painted the whole house (in a record 3 days), Stephen used the spray gun and I painted the trim and hard to reach places. The house is looking good! Last night we trimmed trees along the driveway to ensure we can get a camper through there without damaging it. Stephen stood in the back of “Sweetie” to reach the higher branches with trimmer and I drove… He’s a brave man. Ha!

We actually have a showing on Saturday morning which is very exciting! It’s just a game of waiting now and I’m not very good at it, in fact I’m terrible at it. I’m antsy, anxious, and ready to get the ball going. We were on such a good roll that the abrupt waiting game just isn’t fun. I think it all driving us a little batty.
We still have no camper yet, but are going to look at one on Saturday that has tons of potential to be “the one.” Trent has decided that he wants a bunk room so that he can sleep up high, so that has curbed our choices a bit. Wouldn’t you know that you could find want you didn’t want before, but as soon as you want it, it’s just not there. Figures! Hopefully we find one soon so we can get a feel of what we can take with us and what we cannot take with us.
We have started packing things that we cannot take with us up in boxes and transporting them to a family member’s house for safe keeping. Surprisingly it is going better than I had anticipated. Trent is not fighting me on what he can and cannot take on the camper anymore which is a HUGE blessing. I think Trent’s just as ready (if not more ready)as we are to set off on our journey. There is still so much to do, but we are getting so much closer to the end goal. Keep your fingers crossed that the house sells quickly and we can get on the road! I sincerely hope that the next post I make has a “Sold” sign in it!

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