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Labor day weekend and a million miles later..

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend and Stephen and I swore up and down we were going to find a truck before the three day weekend was up. We drove in a 100+ mile radius around Kansas City to look at trucks. What we found was a bunch of JUNK! Needless to say we were feeling a little defeated. On Monday we decided to head out one last time. The first truck we looked at was a no go. The second truck we looked at, that was a different story.
We pull up outside of a small home in North Kansas City and there sits a white Dodge Ram 3500 diesel truck. It’s a 2004 and only has 64,000 miles. It looked promising, but I sat in the car while Stephen surveyed the truck and test drove it. When he came back from the test drive he walked up to the car with his hands in his pockets and slow grin that started to creep on his face, “I think we found it!” I could have done jumping jacks in the middle of the street I was so excited and Trent was bouncing up and down in the car cheering, BUT we still had to make a deal. The truth was, we didn’t have the exact amount of money they were asking. Could we have found the perfect truck and been a few thousand short of owning it? Cue the nail biting.
When the negotiations started I wasn’t sure we could make the deal work. It was so stressful. We told Al (the owner) our story and why we needed a truck and he decided to give up a bit of the price so that we could make it work. We were all a little emotional. Stephen and I were emotional thinking we were one step closer to a huge goal, and Al was emotional because he bought the truck brand new and really did not want to let it go. The only reason he was selling the truck was to find something shorter that his wife could easily get in and out of. Al had told us that he called the truck “Sweetheart,” so we decided to keep her name and call her “Sweetie.”

Truck and Al
Al and Sweetie

We are so very thankful to Al and his wife for letting Sweetie go and we wish them to best of luck in finding their new vehicle! We also hope that they are able to follow our journey and keep track of Sweetie’s adventures on our social media accounts.


I still cannot believe it. My emotions are still frazzled and bouncing all over the place, as with this post! We are now looking forward to putting the house on the market this coming week and trying to find our home on wheels! I seriously hope finding our camper is easier than finding our truck!!


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