RV life

Junk for everyone!

For the love of JUNK! We have so much of it… It is never ending!


This post might be a little chaotic, because right now that is just what my life is; chaos. I am sitting here writing this post in my office which is filled to my knees with massive amounts of garage sale goodness. There is absolutely no good way to organize all of this stuff! I have kitchen wares, clothes, Christmas stuff, toys, shoes, anything, and everything in between.
My house has been picked through with a fine tooth comb and what is not staying is either in the trash already (thanks to my amazing sister and brother-in-law for their dumpster) or in the office. I have listed a price on nearly everything in the office, my kid included (no really, he’s got a $20 sticker on his back, I don’t even know). What I have not figured out yet is how I am going to get all of this STUFF out to the garage and on tables of some sort. Is it a faux pas to not have tables? I seriously only have one. Can I just put this stuff on the ground? I’m stressing over tables, who does that??


I still have an attic to conquer tonight and a whole barn. Does anyone want to trade me places for this week? My kid only bites a little and as long as you feed my husband he will leave you alone for the most part. Kidding! Please wish me luck on getting this organized and if you have advice on the whole table situation, send me a life line! I will update after the garage sale, hopefully we have more dollars and less junk!


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