RV life

Great news and a much needed escape!

Hello Barefoot followers! We got some AMAZING news last week and I have been on pins and needles to share with you all!


Yes! You heard me, we are leaving early!! We are planning to leave early spring now instead of midsummer. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! This deadline now moves things up quite a bit though, so this week and the next I’m going to start purging. I will have to sell, toss, and give away most of our things. We have decided to keep storage with a few things to come home to and our prized possessions.
I really love to purge, it’s a sense of self cleaning. Who really needs a bunch of junk anyways? We have purged once already when we decided to take this trip the first time, but we still have a lot and have collected even more. It’s a long process, but hopefully within a month, we will have a BIG garage sale and then a huge donation pile. Let the craziness begin!
Aside from that wonderful news, we slipped in a family vacation to Branson, Missouri this past weekend. We took two of our cousins with us and had a wonderful time! If you are ever in the area we HIGHLY recommend trying the new Branson Coaster, it is a ton of fun! We also just love Talking Rocks Cavern, it’s a must see place also. Branson is full of fun for everyone and a place to put on your Travel list for sure!
Here is our short video of all the fun we had, Enjoy!


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