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Trucks, Trailers, and RV’s OH MY!

Hello friends! I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL day! I am getting my daily dose of caffeine and thought I would update our progress… or lack thereof. It is safe to say that in the last few weeks we have probably looked at well over 50 RV’s and a dozen trucks. We still have not found our forever rig, because we are being extremely picky! We are going to travel in the rig fulltime and it has to be exactly what we want. I thought I would share the thoughts that go into finding a fulltime rig (for us that is), because it’s a HUGE ordeal! I mean a MEGA HUGE ordeal if you get my drift.
This is more my husband’s gig, but I know enough about trucks to give you an idea. We need a BIG truck. When you are constantly towing something that can top the charts at 14,000 or more pounds on a daily basis, you need a monster to tow with. A 1500 Chevy gasser just ain’t gonna do it, and please do not try that at home or anywhere in public! We are looking at one ton dually trucks and leaning toward a Duramax, or a Cummin’s, maybe Powerchoke (I mean PowerSTROKE) as long as it’s NOT a 6.0 or 6.4. We are also working with a budget, so brand spanking new is not going to happen. We are on the hunt though and eventually we will find what we are looking for!
Travel trailers, Motor homes, and 5er’s
I had no idea choosing between these would be this tough. There are pro’s and con’s to each one and weighing them has been rough. Since I have already disclosed that we are looking for a truck I’m sure you now know that a motor home is out of the mix; however we REALLY like them! Here is a list of the pros and cons of all our options.
The benefits of a motor home:
They are easy to jump in and go. They can tow a small toad (vehicle) behind them. You don’t have to pull over to go to the bathroom, unless you are the driver, then you should clearly pull over! It is also roomy when traveling.
The cons:
IF you break down you need a HUGE tow truck to get you. Also if you are broke down, your whole home is in a shop which leaves you homeless. Unless you are buying an expensive rig then you give up a lot of room for the price. It is not as safe for kids in car seats to be in a motor home.
The benefits of travel trailers:
They have a tendency to weigh a bit less thus they are lighter to tow. They also sit lower to the ground, so steps aren’t very steep or tall. They usually have a good amount of space including bunkrooms.
The cons:
They can be a pain to tow, because of your overall length. I do not like most of the lay outs, because the “Master” always seems to be cramped. Over all they are not my first choice for a fulltime rig.
Fifth wheels (5er’s) benefits:
They are HUGE!! I think their living rooms are larger than my stick and bricks living room! They have ample space, and tons of storage. They also seem easier to haul around; less overall length due to some of the trailer is over the bed of your truck.
They are huge which means you have to have a big truck to pull it. I do not have very many cons on the 5er’s, because I am a little bias toward them if you have not already noticed.
These are just a few of MY pros and cons to buying one of these rigs. There is a more extensive list in my head, but it would take all day to compose. When all is said and done I believe we will buy a 5er. They are a better buy for the budget we want to stick to and have the most amount of room.
Phew. Just talking about this is exhausting! I’m going to refill my cup of liquid energy and finish chores. We are gearing up for a MASSIVE garage sale! Stay tuned!


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