RV life

Why are we going to hit the road?

This is the number one question that we get and the answer is simple; why not?

For me (Tasha) I’ve moved around a lot growing up so staying stationary is a very odd feeling. I’ve never lived anywhere longer than 4 years since I was 11 (That is a lot of moving!). Every time we moved it was a new adventure, a fresh start. I have the soul of a gypsy as my father would say and I think I get that from him.
Stephen is a little different, he’s always had roots. He grew up in one house from the age of five till his early 20’s when he moved out. He’s ready for a change of scenery and is pretty excited to get our truck and trailer.
We have a chance to get out of dodge and hit the road for a year; it’s a blessing to us. We are so excited to get out of Kansas City to see what the world has to offer, but others have mixed feelings.

Our family:

Our family’s reactions have ranged from irritation to elation. A few of our family members think we are throwing our lives away to be crazy for a year. I do see their point; we have worked hard to own the things we do, but at the end of the day they are just “things.” We have earned those things before and we can again. Even more, some members think we just plum lost our minds (maybe we have and time will tell). Other’s are extremely excited for us and are eager to follow our adventure through our pictures and stories. No matter what they are all thinking, they love us and wish us nothing but the best.

Our Friends:

We haven’t exactly told our friends yet. We will tell them eventually, but when the time is right. Don’t worry I will keep the blog updated with everyone’s reactions!

Happy almost full-timing trails!


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