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Lets Get Started!

Welcome to our page!

As this is my first post I will use it to introduce my family and myself. We are currently in a home (also known as our sticks and bricks) in Kingsville, MO. There are three two-footers and one four-footer in our household! Tasha (Me), Stephen, Trenton, and Harper. I am 29 (I’ll be Thirty on Saturday, but who’s counting right? Heh.), Stephen is 30, Trenton is 4, and Harper is unknown (but still young). Have you figured out who the four-footer is yet? Harper is our fur-baby! Stephen is originally from Warsaw, MO and I am from Lenexa, KS. Together Stephen and I have been married since 2011.

We have been planning to travel since 2015. We are finally on our journey to make that happen. Our excitement levels are through the roof! Originally we planned to launch in summer of 2016, however, we had a family member fall ill. Ultimately summer of 2016 did not happen. That’s okay though! We are dedicated to make it happen in the summer of 2018! We have a year to get our things organized, find a towing vehicle, a trailer, and our sanity before we launch. Are you ready to follow us and our CRAZY and UNPREDICTABLE journey? I really hope so!

Our Family

The barefooters
Tasha, Stephen, and Trenton
Trenton and Mommy
Trenton & Mommy
Trent and Daddy
Trenton and Daddy
Harper Anne
Our loveable huggable pup!
trent harper
Trenton and Harper Anne

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