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I’m goin’ off the rails…

On a crazy train..er… Camper!

Man oh man… we have been so beyond busy! Packing, moving, Halloween, more packing, selling, it never ends!! I thought we had purged quite a bit (and we did), but clearly we still have too much stuff! Most of the house is boxed and ready to be moved or has been moved to storage. We are lucky enough to have a family member with a large area to store some of our things, and for the rest we are going to sign papers on a storage unit this weekend. Everywhere I look is a mess or boxes and Trent (remember he’s 4) has been VERY helpful trying to pack and move things. Haha. That was funny, right? Actually he HAS done pretty well. I think he’s just ready to be done with the house and move into the camper.

AND as if life hasn’t been crazy enough, our truck broke down last week. Thankfully we had tow insurance on it. We had it towed home and at first we thought it was bad fuel, but Stephen gambled on a $200 something dollar lift pump and changed it himself. It has been running great ever since. Thankfully it was only out of commission for a day because we had just sold my car two days prior. What a mess that was!

Okay, so here is the timeline:

This weekend we will HOPEFULLY move all the items that go in our family members house to their house, which is basically everything except furniture. We will keep one box back of cooking items that I use in the house and those will go over last minute.

We have this weekend and all of next week left in the house, it is down to crunch time. A week from today we will be moved into our camper! That gives me several days to get everything arranged how I want it, and get a feel for our new home before we move it. I also have to clean our old home and get it ready for the new owners!

Here’s the biggest question that we have receivedin the last several days: Are you leaving as soon as you close on the house?

The answer is NO! We will stay in town for a few tying up loose ends and getting situated. We will also make our rounds to family and friends and say our “see you laters” in that time. The only thing that could move that timeline up is if KC is expecting a dumping of snow… Then we are out of here!

This is one of the most emotional moves I have done to date. It is exciting and terrifying! My emotions have been all over the place lately, but thankfully Stephen and Trenton have kept a level head which evens out my manic head. I’m just ready to be done with the whole house situation; it has been exhausting to say the least.

 I will have a new video out in the next two weeks after we get all moved in. We will give you a tour of our camper with all our stuff inside! Exciting right?!

Here is a video of the past week or so!



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A Little bit of this and a little that

Well, we are back to waiting again. The appraisal was done on our house on Monday, hopefully we will hear back on that soon. Everything has gone smoothly and fallen into place so well we are hoping this does the same!

Do you know that feeling you get right before you go on vacation, that “I don’t know what to do with myself” feeling? That is us right now. We are in limbo AGAIN. Slowly we are figuring out what we want to take and what stays behind. It is a process that we cannot fully commit to until we are about a week or so from our closing date which is November 15th. Until then we are just hanging out.
This post is to check in. We are alive, just VERY boring right now. My next post will be about the things we have purchased for our camper to make life on the road easier. It will be a fun post! Until then, enjoy some pictures of our adventures the past week!


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Rockwood Signature Series Ultra Light 8295ws

Rockwood Signature Series Ultra Light 8295ws

That is a mouth full! BUT that is the name of our NEW fifth wheel!

We did it! After looking at HUNDREDS of campers and 5th wheels, we finally found the one, but it took a long time to find it. The weekend of September 30th we did nothing but shop for campers. Over that weekend we narrowed it down to one camper. Ultimately on Tuesday so went to Trail Side RV to go buy a White Hawk Travel Trailer (I know, not a fifth wheel). We went in, gave them our price we wanted to pay for it, and they said they couldn’t go that low ($2,000 less than they were asking). They played the game and we walked. We then went across the street to Camping world and found something we thought we liked even better, it was a Vibe. We decided to sleep on it and returned the next day prepared to buy, but Stephen wanted to check with Life Style RV (it was across the street from camping world) really quick before we pulled the trigger. Wouldn’t you know, they had a camper we liked too! At this point I’m pulling my hair out and just tired of the search, so we go home defeated AGAIN!

That night Stephen was determined to find a camper that would work in the price we needed so he spent the night looking at the computer screen. It is a good thing he did too, because he found our camper! He took off work the very next day and we drove 2 hours to go buy it. We then picked it up two days later to bring it home.

WE HAVE A CAMPMER IN OUR DRIVEWAY!!! I’m still pinching myself!

We didn’t get home with out a few hang ups though. On the way home our steps to get in the camper came unfolded.

Stephen tying the steps up.

We also had to trim the trees to get it in the driveway.

Trimming the trees

Over all we are extremely happy with our purchase and beyond ready to get it on the road!! It is still hard to believe after all that work, we actually have a camper. We have hung out in it almost every evening since we brought it home.  


Here is the link to our walk through the camper video!

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Big Update!!

Good morning friends! I haven’t updated as soon as I wanted too, but I held off for a very good reason!

Our house is under contract!

Not only is it under contract, but we got full asking price which is a HUGE blessing! As you know we were for sale by owner, but we decided we would work with a buyer’s agent. This particular buyer was shown the house on Tuesday the 19th we thought for sure he was not interested. He was a very nice guy and hung out to talk to Stephen about mechanics for a while, but he did not say much about the house. That Friday we decided to go ahead and list with our agent to get a move on the process. We pulled into our agent’s parking lot at 11:00 A.M. and before we got out of the car my phone beeped. It was the buyer’s agent from Tuesday with an offer. To say we were surprised was an understatement.
I think we have gotten over the initial shock part and are moving on to the stressed part. We still have not found our camper and we have six weeks until we have to be out of the house. EEK! I’m starting to agree with everyone that thinks we are crazy. I’m pretty sure we have passed crazy at this point in life! We are still pretty excited though and have high hopes for finding a camper; we just need to keep searching. Stephen has been working tons of overtime, so we have been limited on the distance we can travel to look at campers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he does not have to work overtime this weekend! Ideally I’d like to have something in the next two weeks so we have plenty of time to clean and get it ready and possibly take a trial run with it.
Everything has fallen in place so easily for this adventure that it is a little surreal. The last time we set out to do this, things did not happen so easily. Life pushed back at us and ultimately we threw in the towel on our travel plans. This time I am stuck between excitement and expecting this to blow up in my face again. Let’s just hope that everything continues to go as smoothly as possible!
I’ve told you all that we have told our immediate family about our plans and our closest friends, but no one else knows at this point. I’m a little nervous to announce our journey on social media, because everyone has an opinion. We purposely haven’t told anyone and wont until the house is sold (papers signed). So much could change at any minute that we just want to keep it to ourselves until we know for sure it is really going to happen. Who wants to make a big announcement like this and then have to retract it, because something did not work out? Not me! I hope no one is hurt by us not telling them personally, but it has been a whirl wind. We only just decided to try this again in the end of July and thought it would be next spring before we had our ducks in a row. Little did we know that our ducks were pretty well lined up already. Instead of leaving next spring (if the house goes through okay) we leave mid November! That’s a lot to chew!
Stay tuned for an update! Hopefully we have a camper soon!

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Dropping the house on the wicked witch

Good Morning! It’s been a slow morning for me so I thought I would update everyone on our progress. So far our house has been for sale by owner for 12 days. We have had several inquiries and a few showings. We have sold two houses before and we kind of know the process. In order to be ahead of the game we asked that people who want a showing of the house provide us with a pre-approval or proof of funds prior to viewing. Everything has gone pretty smoothly, but there has been one particular crazy that I thought I would share, because everyone needs a good dose of crazy on their Wednesday right?
Last Tuesday I had to take Harper to the vet for her yearly check up. All went well, until we got back to the car. I load the Harper and Trent into the car and grab my phone to check for calls or texts I may have missed while inside. Sure enough, I missed a call. I listen to the voicemail; find out it’s a realtor with a client that wants to view the house. I prompt the dog and kid to be quiet (who am I kidding) and I call the realtor back. She tells that she has a client who would like to view the house the next day. I agree and ask her to send me a pre-approval or proof of funds letter. She then explains to me that this particular lady has lots of family in our town and does not have a letter of approval. I kindly ask her to get a letter and then she can schedule a time. She AGAIN says the lady has lots of family who owns a ton of land in our town. I told her that was wonderful and to get back to me with the pre-approval or proof of funds and I would gladly show the house to her. She reluctantly agreed and we hung up. At this point I’m not sure why it took so long ( a twenty minute phone call) to get her to understand that I want a letter before viewing the house, but I brushed it off and went about my day.
Now here comes the crazy..
That night my phone rings. The lady (the client from the realtor that called earlier) tells me that she does not need a pre approval to view my house because she works for the court system and that her name is all over the county website (mind you, not the county that I live in). She also tells me that she emailed me through her work when in reality she emailed me via craigslist prior to calling. She is certain I should know who she is, but I have never heard of this woman in my life. She tells me that she and family owns a ton of land and that her family has lived in my town for a hundred years. I’m a little baffled at this point, but I AGAIN tell her that I need a letter to view the house. At this point she is yelling at me that she should be able to view my house because she has no time to get a letter. She explained that her time is important and should not be wasted.
–PAUSE- So my time is not important? I should show my house to someone that is not pre-approved and probably not serious about buying. Is that not wasting my time? WHO DOES THIS LADY THINK SHE IS?? She must be the Queen of England or something right? –PLAY-
After listening to her tell me her “credentials” one last time I then told her I was not budging on my rule of having a letter and that she could NOT bully me into showing her MY house without it. Of course that did not appease her so she said (in her best ‘I’m too good for this voice’ ) “Well then, good luck selling” and hung up the phone. At this rate my feathers are ruffled and I’m a little (A LOT) ticked off. What a piece of work!!
But wait, it’s not over!
Later that night I did what anyone else would have done (you know you would have), I googled the hell out of this lady. I needed to know why and how she thought she was so important. I came up short on her importance, but I did find a picture. She’s definitely NOT the Queen of England, more like the wicked witch. Needless to say I now know what she looks like.
–FAST FORWARD to the next day-
Stephen and I are out trimming trees on the property and a white SUV drives up my neighbor’s driveway (our driveways are right next to each other). I look over because I have never seen the car before and catch a glimpse of THE WICKED WITCH! Seriously? At this point I think this lady is mental! She promptly turns around in the middle of the driveway and leaves. A little later a new realtor calls; she says she has a client and is wanting to know if we were still asking for pre-approval letters. I told her yes and she hangs up. I reverse search the number and it comes up as the small real-estate broker in my town, the same broker that the crazy lady was using. Coincidence?
Why am I telling you all of this? Two reasons: 1. It is completely crazy and I had to tell someone, and 2. If we go missing, you all know who did it!
Hopefully we hear no more from this lady. I wouldn’t even sell her my house if she did have money, because I adore my neighbors. This whole thing does have me wondering why she was so desperate to see our house. A pre-approval takes minutes to do, and a proof of funds is just as easy. If she was that serious about buying our house, why not take the necessary steps? Most realtors ask for a pre-approval before showing anyways. It’s not like we are asking for a blood test prior to viewing our house, though after this, I’d consider it! Ha!
Other than that craziness life is going well, just slow. Someone buy our house already!

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Hurry up and wait!

I have come with wonderful news and coffee (always coffee)! We officially have the house on the market! We have listed it for sale by owner and plan on seeing how that goes for a few weeks while we continue to do little tid bits around the house getting her all gussied up for her potential new owners. Since our last post we have painted the whole house (in a record 3 days), Stephen used the spray gun and I painted the trim and hard to reach places. The house is looking good! Last night we trimmed trees along the driveway to ensure we can get a camper through there without damaging it. Stephen stood in the back of “Sweetie” to reach the higher branches with trimmer and I drove… He’s a brave man. Ha!

We actually have a showing on Saturday morning which is very exciting! It’s just a game of waiting now and I’m not very good at it, in fact I’m terrible at it. I’m antsy, anxious, and ready to get the ball going. We were on such a good roll that the abrupt waiting game just isn’t fun. I think it all driving us a little batty.
We still have no camper yet, but are going to look at one on Saturday that has tons of potential to be “the one.” Trent has decided that he wants a bunk room so that he can sleep up high, so that has curbed our choices a bit. Wouldn’t you know that you could find want you didn’t want before, but as soon as you want it, it’s just not there. Figures! Hopefully we find one soon so we can get a feel of what we can take with us and what we cannot take with us.
We have started packing things that we cannot take with us up in boxes and transporting them to a family member’s house for safe keeping. Surprisingly it is going better than I had anticipated. Trent is not fighting me on what he can and cannot take on the camper anymore which is a HUGE blessing. I think Trent’s just as ready (if not more ready)as we are to set off on our journey. There is still so much to do, but we are getting so much closer to the end goal. Keep your fingers crossed that the house sells quickly and we can get on the road! I sincerely hope that the next post I make has a “Sold” sign in it!

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Labor day weekend and a million miles later..

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend and Stephen and I swore up and down we were going to find a truck before the three day weekend was up. We drove in a 100+ mile radius around Kansas City to look at trucks. What we found was a bunch of JUNK! Needless to say we were feeling a little defeated. On Monday we decided to head out one last time. The first truck we looked at was a no go. The second truck we looked at, that was a different story.
We pull up outside of a small home in North Kansas City and there sits a white Dodge Ram 3500 diesel truck. It’s a 2004 and only has 64,000 miles. It looked promising, but I sat in the car while Stephen surveyed the truck and test drove it. When he came back from the test drive he walked up to the car with his hands in his pockets and slow grin that started to creep on his face, “I think we found it!” I could have done jumping jacks in the middle of the street I was so excited and Trent was bouncing up and down in the car cheering, BUT we still had to make a deal. The truth was, we didn’t have the exact amount of money they were asking. Could we have found the perfect truck and been a few thousand short of owning it? Cue the nail biting.
When the negotiations started I wasn’t sure we could make the deal work. It was so stressful. We told Al (the owner) our story and why we needed a truck and he decided to give up a bit of the price so that we could make it work. We were all a little emotional. Stephen and I were emotional thinking we were one step closer to a huge goal, and Al was emotional because he bought the truck brand new and really did not want to let it go. The only reason he was selling the truck was to find something shorter that his wife could easily get in and out of. Al had told us that he called the truck “Sweetheart,” so we decided to keep her name and call her “Sweetie.”

Truck and Al
Al and Sweetie

We are so very thankful to Al and his wife for letting Sweetie go and we wish them to best of luck in finding their new vehicle! We also hope that they are able to follow our journey and keep track of Sweetie’s adventures on our social media accounts.


I still cannot believe it. My emotions are still frazzled and bouncing all over the place, as with this post! We are now looking forward to putting the house on the market this coming week and trying to find our home on wheels! I seriously hope finding our camper is easier than finding our truck!!